Clupny Custom Carpentry
Since 1994
About Us
Clupny Custom Cabinetry is a small family owned business. Alan & Evelyn Clupny started the business back in 1994. At the time Alan was the only worker and was just specializing in cabinet doors. As soon as Jason, the oldest son, was of age he started working along side Alan. Our business was located behind our house until 2004 when a tragic accident happened and our shops burnt down to the ground. With lots of help from family and friends we were able to relocate to Cheney were we currently still are! Since then Jason is now in-charge of all the cabinet doors and we now specialize in custom made cabinets as well! Alan & Evelyn's son Jeremy and their daughter Katie started working at the family business as well. We also have 3 other employees working with us currently. We are growing more and more and hope that we can continue this family business on for many years to come!
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